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Paradise Dive Center
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Paradise Dive Center

Our story begins in 2008.
In this year was my first visit with a friend on this beautiful dream island of Boracay.
Wolfgang, my best friend and business partner, introduced me to the very friendly family Gelito and since then I fell in love with the island and the people.
We bought a boat for fun and in 2008 Regor Gelito, one of my best friends and business partner of our shop on Borocay, renovated the boat and named in King Whales.
We then started to rent it.
Through our passion for diving and the presence of a very beautiful boat, we decided to buy a compressor and 30 diving cylinders , of course only for personal use.
But the fun started to get real and today we are one of the largest filling stations on Boracay.

Our bottles (about 250pcs) are regularly cleaned and maintained, as well as our three compressors.
In December 2012, I decided to take a break from my work in Germany and instead move to Boracay.
My business partner and friend suggested to me to live out our dream and open a diving school.
Since it was my dream for a long time, I didn’t think long and opened Paradise Dive Center.

Paradise Dive Center

Is a young Diving school on Boracay Station 3, with very friendly and experienced instructors!
Our mission is: fun, safety, the avoidance of stress and of course the pure joy of diving and dive training!
We are a CMAS dive center and offer a variety of dive courses.
That is why we have carefully selected our instructors and they are trained regularly by my friend and partner Regor, CMAS Instructor on diving safety by CMAS World Wide Standard.
Therefore, all our students are taught at a very high level.

Beste Tauchgebiete

Your Paradise Dive Center Team

If I have awaken your curiosity and you are interested in a quality education and fun in the sun, go ahead and visit us on the paradise island of Boracay Station 3 in the heart of the Philippines!

Paradise Dive Center
5608 Boracay Island
Manoc Manoc, Malay, Aklan
Station 3 Starfire Bulding
+63 036 09171351998 | +63 036 09177188213 | +63 036 288 2970
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