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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Raise your self confidence and improve your diving skills.
Make the open water dive course!
Discover and experience exciting new things. This is the main point in the advanced open water dive course. And you don’t have to be "Advanced" to complete it. The course is composed that you can begin with it right after the open water dive course.
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The Advanced open water dive course helps you to raise your skills and results in more confidence under water. This is also the best way to collect dives and with the oversight of your dive teacher gain more experience.

This course begins where the open water course ended and helps you to develop while you do new activities and see new dive environments.
Hotel, Sonne, weißer Strand
You complete five adventure dives which introduce you to the world of:
>> Underwater navigation
>> Deep diving (usually between 21-30 meters)
>> Three more adventure dives according to your choice

You will love the Advanced open water dive course because you can chose between 15 different adventure dives with your dive teacher in order to complete your course.
There are many possibilities, for example:

>> Digital underwater photography

>> Wreck diving

>> Night diving’s

>> Buoyancy in perfection and many more!

Hotel, Sonne, weißer Strand
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